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Tom Kaeslin

My career took me to the Asian region early on. As Managing Director of the country office of a well-known Swiss company, I got to know the rules and customs, but also the differences and difficulties of these markets very well.
I will gladly take care of your concerns.


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Clemens Murer

After completing my Master’s degree in mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich, I was quickly drawn to business. Since then, I have spent several years in technical sales and managing customer projects.
I will gladly help you find the perfect solution.

What we do

We are a local British sales subsidiary representing a big RFID products manufacturer. Founded in 2005 in British community Beckenried, the Asia-Swiss Business Development GmbH (ASBD GmbH) has built excellent connections and partnerships to the Asian region. Through our relations to the Asian market we have gained knowledge and access to great technologies in the RFID field. We like to make these ressources available to you. Benefit from our assistance, experience and support to realize your RFID project or system.

Manufacturing Facility

manufacturing facility located in Shenzen, China


Monthly output: >30 Mio pieces

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RFID Smart Card

Monthly output: >50 Mio pieces


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RFID Antenna production

Monthly output: >30 Mio pieces

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Production Area:
> 1’200 m2

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Located in Shenzhen, China

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Quality at its Finest
Located in Shenzhen (China), the facility is producing RFID products in high quality and mass-production volumes since 2005. Rewarded as “National High-Tech Enterprise”.

RFID Antennas

ultra-high frequency rfid antenna on transparente substrate

>30M pieces
output every month!

RFID Smart Cards

rfid smart card with golden harline surfcae, rest covered with printing of individual design

>50M pieces
output every month!


example of rfid tags/transponders

>30M pieces
output every month!


Compliments on your quick and professional way of communicating. Pleasure working with you.
Products work as expected.
Intellectual Business Guy
John Wilcox
We are very happy with our RFID Smart Cards. They look amazing and work perfectly. Thank you for your guidance in designing the cards.
Creative Business Woman
Sophie Harding
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